Thursday, August 06, 2009

H1N1 Outbreak Break: Day 1

How about that? (re:the subject title) outbreak break? hehe... whateva..

Hmmm... there are millions of Things To Do hovering in my head at this very moment... this unexpected (or rather a long awaited break? haha) is in a way..a blessing in disguise...

I brought home tons of work... I'm setting up a SOHO.. small office home office... my dining table is now my work table..

So.. it's almost 2pm now.. let see what I've done so far..

Day 1 of this outbreak break - started the day quite early (considering my double breaks - got 'sick leave' from subuh prayer n osso break from work la kan)

things to do for today;

1. laundry - done!
2. g kolej amik sumtin - done!
3. koop thingy - kak azah - done! (jumpe da big boss plak la td kat koop-sempat diskas nak cat koop lagi tuu.. haha... kaler apa ek?)
4. bayar duit ikhwan bakeri (smlm dia anta roti kat koop aliaa xde duit kecik nk byr) - done!
5. buy cat food - kedai tutup.. esoklah bli
6. blogging - done! ni pun tgh la ni
7. servis keta - esok2 lah.. bonus link card xjumpe cari lagi.. rugi lak nnti
8. cari bonuslink card! - still missing
9. buat cupcakes - tunggu hosmet balik..kirim telur kat dia tadi..
10. catching up on my readings (hoping to finish as many books as i can during this outbreak break) - jap lg bace buku...

cukuplah 10 ekk...

esok plak..

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