Monday, September 11, 2017


My birthday tahun ni jatuh pada hari Sabtu, and it was a public holiday! Hari Agong! Starting this year Hari Agong di sambut pada 9 Sept, so every year 9 Sept cuti lag yer... hehe

Ami & Aiysh hantar voice msg singing happy bday song then later Abe whatsapped this photo

 KLA is Kak Long Anisz.. bukan KLIA yer.. hehe... that's Abah's wish kat FB, Ummi wish kat whatsapp

Thank you very much my frens, I really appreciate the effort, this was on Monday, hence the red & white uniform.

cute... kek for keknis.. i like

2 tudungs from Manja my SIL, tq anjerrr.. muash

Thank you family & friends for the birthday wishes. A year older.. a little wiser I hope.. haha... 
Alhamdulillah God has blessed me with a wonderful family & friends. 

more giftsss... huhu...

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