Friday, December 28, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Lamo doh x update blog nieh.

So, smpai umah abah&ummi on Friday morning (cannot really say my house coz it's a new house kan n i never stayed here longer then 1 week, so takdok rase sense of belonging here), though it is still a place i called home.

Later in the evening got this got this..

actually yoh (the soon to be bride) dah dtg dalam kul 11 am but dia xleh nak call aku n xde sesapa dgr dia dtg kot, so dia letak dalam mailbox je kad tu.. so she's getting married sooon.. alamakk.. does this mean aku je dlm kelas form 5 dlu tak kawin lg? eh wait.. ada2.. ada sorang lagi, ke dua org lagi? phewww... hahaaaa..

harapnya aku dapat baliklah time kenduri dia nanti.. bleh jumpe kawan2 lama kan... then later that day... after dinner g wakaf che yeh ngan ummi, abah plak tnggu dalam keta je, wcy is just not his place..

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